Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shop Online Much? Coupon Much? Do You Like Cash Back? Then You Simply Must Know About SHOPATHOME.COM

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have $10.72 pending in cash-back rewards from  Sure, it's only ten bucks, but HEY, IT'S TEN
BUCKS !!!  I had the same feeling as if I found cash I forgot about in one of my handbags or pants pockets.  I don't even remember when I added the Menu Bar on my browser page -- maybe earlier this year, maybe late last year.  I really don't remember, but what a surprise to find out I've earned ten bucks in cash back this morning.  I was alerted on my e-mail inbox.   

I didn't know I was earning cash back, since I was not going through the Website when I was making Online purchases.  The only thing special that I did was add their menu bar to my browser.  I was simply going to the sites I wanted to shop from.  It's not like where you have to be logged onto that site, see if they have cash back partnerships with the Online store you want to shop from, then click on their link so that you get credit for that shopping experience.  Anyhoo, now come to think of it, that's quite a hassle.  With, it was automatic. 

In fact, I have been really disappointed with Ebates lately because some purchases I have made this year, I went through the site like I was supposed to for Amazon and Target purchases I made, and I was not given cash back for those purchases.  Booooooooooooooooh !!!  FAIL.

I am definitely recommending over for getting cash back on Online purchases.  Here are some of the benefits of signing up with  
  • 1,300+ Grocery Coupons
  • 8,000+ Free Shipping Coupons
  • $50 million+ saved through Cash Back rebates
  • Cash Back rewards at over 5,000 top stores
  • Connect with 40 million savvy shoppers
If you are an avid Online shopper, you might as well save a little money on purchases you were going to make anyway via coupons, free shipping, or with cash back.  You might as well make your hard-earned dollars stretch or go longer.

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