Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's Fashion Flashback -- EDIE SEDGWICK

Today, on my day off, I was looking for some fashion inspiration or some sort of music inspiration on Youtube, and I came across this video tribute to Edie Sedgwick.  It is absolutely brilliant and completely inspirational!!!  In fact, it makes me want to to re-watch 2006's "Factory Girl" starring Sienna Miller as the iconic "poor little rich girl," Edie Sedgwick. Here is the video inspiration I found.

In fact, I've been dieing to chop my hair short, and I bought a Groupon sometime last year for a salon in the Gables, and it's driving me nuts that I can't find it.  It's probably expired by now anyways...  I guess I'm gonna cut my hair short myself.  I'm quite good at cutting my own hair anyway.  Plus, it saves me money.  I'll post pics if my self-haircut comes out decent.
I have been channeling Edie Sedgwick's style for fall.  I recently wore a leopard-print swing coat with a navy and maroon striped sweater underneath with a navy denim pencil skirt.  I felt quite fab in it and got complimented quite a bit that day.  I love Edie's style.  I would say she is my style icon of the past, and Kate Moss is my style icon of the present.  Luv them both !!!

Since minimalism has been back for the Fall and also has a strong presence for the Spring, I will be rocking a Mod-inspired look.  My fashion inspiration will definitely be Edie Sedgwick!  I love how she wore ginormous chandelier earrings which I have quite a bit of right now.

If you would like to know more about Edie Sedgwick, read her Bio here.

She died the year I was born, in 1971, at the age of 28.  She lived a short life but what a presence she had the time she was here with the mortals.  She is forever immortalized in the films Andy Warhol did.  Her vulnerability is part of her charm.  Her bold fashion sense separates her from her then peers, and she was and will be the true 60's "It Girl."  Viva Edie!  I hope you are at peace.

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