Friday, May 9, 2014

The Coolest in Identity Charms Right Now at BAUBLEBAR by Courtney Kerr

I was going to blog about Coco Rocha's curated collection at Baublebar, but sorry Coco, I simply have to talk about the previous curated collection by Courtney Kerr.  You may know her (as I know her) from Bravo's reality TV show "Courtney Loves Dallas," the show about her fashion blogger lifestyle and her travails as a single 30-something.  To me the show is sort of the new "Sex in the City" set in Dallas.  It's not my favorite Bravo reality show, but I did watch the entire first season.  Although not a fan of the Miss Courtney Kerr before, I sure am now with her collaboration with Baublebar!  I simply love, love, love the pieces she has co-designed for Baublebar for Spring 2014.

She brings it with these fun monogram, signature nameplate, and state necklaces!  They are the most fun identity charms I have ever seen on the Web.  

You can choose from a ton of colors for the acrylic monogram and signature nameplate necklaces and can choose between gold-filled and sterling silver chains.

Acrylic Block Monogram NOW $38 ($48)
Acrylic Signature Nameplate $56
Acrylic Signature Nameplate $56

These are definitely very reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex in the City."  You know, I've been wanting a signature nameplate since that dang show, and finally, I can get one that's not too "chonga."  If you're from Miami, you know what chonga means, if not you'll have to look it up on YouTube -- there's some pretty hilarious videos about chongas on there.  

I also love the state charms.  I don't know if I would ever wear a Florida one though -- some really idiotic and embarrassing things come out of my home state.  However, if you come from a more reputable state and would like to identify yourself with your state, you have a lot of options for metal types.  You can choose from gold plated (yellow or rose), sterling silver, 10k (white or yellow), or 14k (white, yellow, or rose.)  

Metal State Pendant, from $120

I just placed my order for a monogram necklace.  I can't wait to get it in the mail.  Most orders will get to you after 1 week of placing your personalized order.  I will post an update...

I love what Courtney is doing with Baublebar !!!  So much selections for personalization! The price isn't too shabby either.  That's why I think this is the coolest in identity charms right now.

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