Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Make the Art Print Work for Everyday Wear

Yesterday I posted some inspiration for a big trend this season in Artful Fashion for Spring/Summer 2014.  You may be wondering, "how can I make it work for me?"  You probably don't want to be walking around looking like a big canvas, ready to be hung on a wall somewhere.  The best thing to do is tone it down with neutral colors such as white, black, nude or beige.  Follow these ladies' lead by wearing it with black.  It really tones it down and makes this trend very wearable for almost any size.  Even I can attempt this look on my plus-size frame -- black clothing is my best friend after all.

Matching your art print finds with a black T-shirt, cardigan, turtleneck, pencil or full skirt will give your outfit just the right amount of a statement and not the "Hey look at my loud, very loud outfit!"  Also keep in mind that minimal accessories work best for this trend. 

Buying just one key piece is all that is needed for this trend, since you can work it with basic, neutral items already in your closet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Artful Fashion for Spring/Summer 2014

Jeune Fille Endormie by Pablo Picasso
Paris, Milan, London and New York all splashed the runway with art.  This Spring and Summer is a time to be bright and bold with your clothes.  Go beyond color-blocking by choosing prints inspired by art.  Go abstract, go cubist, go pop, but whatever you do, choose pieces that will paint pizazz to your wardrobe.

You may have seen the editorials in the magazines, but here is some inspiration as it appeared on the runway:





New York

Runway photos from .

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2 Collaborations to Get Exited About for Fall 2014: ALEXANDER WANG for H&M and ALTUZARRA for TARGET

As I obsess about kaftans for this Summer, I am also drooling over two collaborations that will surely drain my wallet this coming Fall.  Yikes!  Luckily for me, these collections are set for the Fall/Winter season, and I really have no need for cold-weather clothing in hot-as-Hades Miami, Florida. 

It was announced earlier in April that Alexander Wang is set to collaborate with H&M this year.  The lookbook is not out yet for the capsule collection to be released on November 6, 2014.  Expect urban-cool outfits with this collaboration where garments will be available for men and women.

Last week, it was announced that Altuzarra will collaborate with TARGET for Fall 2014.  This collab is set to come out earlier on September 14, 2014.  There are close to 50 items for this capsule collection that includes apparel and lingerie priced at $17.99 to $89.99 and shoes and accessories priced at $29.99 to $79.99. states that "The collection features a mix of iconic Altuzarra silhouettes with designs created specifically for Target."  Also, no lookbook yet, but there is this sketch and video that gives us a hint of what to expect.  One thing is for sure, expect sexiness and to show a little leg ;-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Got My Order From BAUBLEBAR With Guest Bartender Courtney Kerr

Well, the acrylic monogram necklace that I ordered from Baublebar last Friday came exactly one week later, just like the Website mentioned.  This piece is from Courtney Kerr's (fashion blogger) curated collection as one of Baublebar's guest bartenders.  Please see my previous post, The Coolest in Identity Charms Right Now at BAUBLEBAR by Courtney Kerr.

My initials, MCA

I am a very satisfied customer -- happy with the necklace, quite impressed with the packaging and the jewelry pouch it came with.  I might get the nameplete necklace too ;-)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shopping for Dresses Made Easy at Prices You Will Like at Amazon UK

It's Spring and soon to be Summer, and some lucky people may have weddings and other happy occasions to get dressed up for.  Luckily for you, shopping for dresses just got easier from one of my favorite Online sources of everything at a better price, Amazon.  Today, it's UK extension just launched The Dress Edit, where you can now shop for that dress that you need by trend or by occasion.  Prices vary, but as a frequent buyer through, you are likely to find that dress you want and need at a great price there.

According to PambiancoNews, The Dress Edit offers more than 20,000 styles.  Some of the brands I noticed being offered are great brands such as BCBGMAXAZRIA, Esprit, French Connection, Lipsy (A UK brand that I just happen to have a couple cute items of,) Tommy Hillfiger, and many, many more.

I don't know if Amazon will eventually have the US version, but in the meantime, you can shop it's UK site.  Shipping will be a bit more, but will ship to the US through it's global shipping feature.  There is also nifty feature when you check out that converts the prices in pounds to the currency you will pay for, in my case -- dollars.  

So, happy browsing, and I hope that you find that perfect dress at a great price.

Miss Courtney Kerr Has Another Jewelry Collaboration -- COURTNEY LOVES GORJANA

Kudos to Courtney Kerr for another collaboration, this time with designer Gorjana Reidel and available on Website  With the Courtney Loves gorjana Collection, you'll find gold-plated and gold-toned necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in yellow and rose gold that are simply perfect for layering, stacking and adding to your existing jewelry collection.

The collection is made up of 20 pieces that are feminine and edgy at the same time.  None of the pieces are overwhelming or statement-making that you can only wear them once in a while as the focus of the outfit, rather these pieces have subtlety and are the pieces that can easily become your favorite.  These pieces are the kinds of jewelry that you will want to wear all the time mixed with your other favorites.  I'll let these pretty ladies, Courtney and Gorjana, explain in their video:

I love the saying they came up with "live, love, layer."  I totally get that and agree !!!

Priced from $38 to $158, these are pieces that won't break the bank.  I have the feeling that whatever you spend on these pieces, it won't even come close to the worth it will have for you, based on the sheer wearability of this collection.  

To see what Courtney Kerr's style is all about, check it out at What Courtney Wore.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shop Online Much? Coupon Much? Do You Like Cash Back? Then You Simply Must Know About SHOPATHOME.COM

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have $10.72 pending in cash-back rewards from  Sure, it's only ten bucks, but HEY, IT'S TEN
BUCKS !!!  I had the same feeling as if I found cash I forgot about in one of my handbags or pants pockets.  I don't even remember when I added the Menu Bar on my browser page -- maybe earlier this year, maybe late last year.  I really don't remember, but what a surprise to find out I've earned ten bucks in cash back this morning.  I was alerted on my e-mail inbox.   

I didn't know I was earning cash back, since I was not going through the Website when I was making Online purchases.  The only thing special that I did was add their menu bar to my browser.  I was simply going to the sites I wanted to shop from.  It's not like where you have to be logged onto that site, see if they have cash back partnerships with the Online store you want to shop from, then click on their link so that you get credit for that shopping experience.  Anyhoo, now come to think of it, that's quite a hassle.  With, it was automatic. 

In fact, I have been really disappointed with Ebates lately because some purchases I have made this year, I went through the site like I was supposed to for Amazon and Target purchases I made, and I was not given cash back for those purchases.  Booooooooooooooooh !!!  FAIL.

I am definitely recommending over for getting cash back on Online purchases.  Here are some of the benefits of signing up with  
  • 1,300+ Grocery Coupons
  • 8,000+ Free Shipping Coupons
  • $50 million+ saved through Cash Back rebates
  • Cash Back rewards at over 5,000 top stores
  • Connect with 40 million savvy shoppers
If you are an avid Online shopper, you might as well save a little money on purchases you were going to make anyway via coupons, free shipping, or with cash back.  You might as well make your hard-earned dollars stretch or go longer.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Coolest in Identity Charms Right Now at BAUBLEBAR by Courtney Kerr

I was going to blog about Coco Rocha's curated collection at Baublebar, but sorry Coco, I simply have to talk about the previous curated collection by Courtney Kerr.  You may know her (as I know her) from Bravo's reality TV show "Courtney Loves Dallas," the show about her fashion blogger lifestyle and her travails as a single 30-something.  To me the show is sort of the new "Sex in the City" set in Dallas.  It's not my favorite Bravo reality show, but I did watch the entire first season.  Although not a fan of the Miss Courtney Kerr before, I sure am now with her collaboration with Baublebar!  I simply love, love, love the pieces she has co-designed for Baublebar for Spring 2014.

She brings it with these fun monogram, signature nameplate, and state necklaces!  They are the most fun identity charms I have ever seen on the Web.  

You can choose from a ton of colors for the acrylic monogram and signature nameplate necklaces and can choose between gold-filled and sterling silver chains.

Acrylic Block Monogram NOW $38 ($48)
Acrylic Signature Nameplate $56
Acrylic Signature Nameplate $56

These are definitely very reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex in the City."  You know, I've been wanting a signature nameplate since that dang show, and finally, I can get one that's not too "chonga."  If you're from Miami, you know what chonga means, if not you'll have to look it up on YouTube -- there's some pretty hilarious videos about chongas on there.  

I also love the state charms.  I don't know if I would ever wear a Florida one though -- some really idiotic and embarrassing things come out of my home state.  However, if you come from a more reputable state and would like to identify yourself with your state, you have a lot of options for metal types.  You can choose from gold plated (yellow or rose), sterling silver, 10k (white or yellow), or 14k (white, yellow, or rose.)  

Metal State Pendant, from $120

I just placed my order for a monogram necklace.  I can't wait to get it in the mail.  Most orders will get to you after 1 week of placing your personalized order.  I will post an update...

I love what Courtney is doing with Baublebar !!!  So much selections for personalization! The price isn't too shabby either.  That's why I think this is the coolest in identity charms right now.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Obsession: Stella and Bow's "Mean Girls" Inspired Jewelry Collection

A little over a week ago, on April 30th, marked the 10-year anniversary for "Mean Girls."  I was delighted to find jewelry brand Stella & Bow and their BURN BOOK COLLECTION while browsing the Web today.  The pieces are named after characters from the pop-culture pic.  Not only are the pieces cute and fun, but the price is right on-point for budget-conscious gals with pieces priced from $27.60 to $264 -- with most pieces under $100.  

I personally don't think you have to be a certain age to rock these pieces, but it is most perfect for now 20-somethings that were teens when "Mean Girls" came out in 2004.  Me personally, I would still wear them, but I am probably guilty of wearing age-inappropriate clothing and accessories.  I just don't define myself by my age.  I wear what I want and like.

Here are just some of the pieces from the Burn Book Collection:

Aaron Gold Ring $23.30
Cady "fetch" Bracelet $37.95
Ms. N Necklace $88.00
Gretchen Gold Bracelet $110.00

These jewelry pieces are crafted with gold-plating or silver-plating, but there are some pieces that are made with gold-filled elements which keeps it's color better.  When I make my one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces or shop for jewelry, I prefer gold-filled because the color will last if you take care of them properly (as in not showering with them on, etc.)  So be sure to check out the materials if this matters to you.  Stella & Bow also uses semi-precious stones and even diamonds on select pieces.

They have other collections too, so be sure to check those out as well.  If you have the time, also read up on how Stella & Bow came to be on their About Page.  You'll find that founders Lauren Brokaw and Lindsey Lerman are quickly on the rise and have already become the darlings of bloggers and magazines alike.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

J. Crew to Open a Lower End Line: J. CREW MERCANTILE

For the budget conscious, J. Crew is not often a shopping destination.  It's a store often relegated for special occasions or an occasional splurge, since they are not known to offer deep discounts.  With Jenna Lyons at the creative helm, J. Crew has a devoted following that continue to shop at full price.  However, with lackluster sales from the most recent holiday season, perhaps this is an attempt to boost sales and profits.  According to Bloomberg Business News, "net income tumbled to $5.92 million in J. Crew’s fourth quarter, down from $10.2 million a year earlier." 

I, myself, can only afford to look to J. Crew for styling inspiration, and their products are often out of my reach.  Finally, I might soon be able to do more than just window-shop with J. Crew Mercantile.  This offshoot is said to be priced and to offer clothing and accessories similar to J. Crew Factory stores, except you won't have to schlep an hour away to a factory outlet mall.  Mercantile stores are said to be located in regional malls according to Refinery 29.  Think of J. Crew Mercantile as Old Navy is to The Gap -- a lower-end version at a lesser price.  Why not, it's being brought to us by the same man, Mickey Drexler, the current CEO of J. Crew.  He was responsible for introducing Old Navy back when he was CEO at Gap, Inc. 

I love this new expansion to J. Crew brands, and I am gonna keep an eye out for the new Mercantile stores opening in my neck of the woods.  There are no dates yet as to when the first store will open.  Everything is still in the preliminary stages.  J. Crew Group Inc. only recently trademarked the name J. Crew Mercantile back in November.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Maleficent Collection by MAC Coming Soon...

Something wicked this way comes, and for once I am not scared.  In fact, I'm quite excited.  I am looking forward to MAC's Maleficent Collection being available on May 15th.  Run fast because this collection is sure to sell out.

This collection has everything to make you look fiercely wicked.  Well, not Halloween wicked... More like wickedly beautiful, much like Angelina Jolie's upcoming character in Disney's "Maleficent," available in theaters on May 30th.

The color palette is extremely wearable and not at all ghoulish.  My pick is the blood-red lipstick named "True Love's Kiss."  I love the name, I love the bluish-red hue, I love everything about it.  I hope I can get my hands on one...

True Love's Kiss  $17.50

For some wicked inspiration, here is the trailer for the upcoming movie:

So mark your calendars, May 15th, and rush to your nearest MAC counter.  Or you can sign up Online to be one of the first to shop this collection.  This limited collection and affordable luxury will not last long...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today's Fashion Flashback -- LINDA EVANGELISTA

Photo by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue
My all-time favorite model is hands down Linda Evangelista.  No model, in my eyes, can top the versatility, the beauty, and the photographic charm that Linda Evangelista had in the 90's.  She still models today, but I miss seeing her face on the covers of magazines and editorials.  Back in the 90's, she simply dominated fashion.  Each month, you would see her face on numerous magazines, and every fashion show televised back then would have Linda gracing the catwalk.  She was in high-demand and was all over the place.  I never got sick of seeing her face.  To me, there was no such thing as over-exposure for her. 

I found this video from from their Throwback Thursdays with Tim Blanks Archive.  This video was posted last week on the Website. 

Back in the 90's, she was also known for changing her hair color often -- very often.  She was the first one to rock "jungle red."  There was not one hair color that she looked bad in.  Not too many people can pull that off.  My all-time favorite look on Linda was the canary yellow dress by John Galliano from 1995 with platinum blonde hair.

Photo by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper's Bazaar

Linda Evangelista was the uber-supermodel of the 90's.  She is synonymous to 90's fashion as Twiggy was to 60's fashion and Lisa Fonssagrives was to 40's & 50's fashion.  It's those cat-eyes and winning smile that I will always remember in my fashion dreams.