Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make-up Inspiration for Summer 2011: A BRIGHT LIP

When it is hot, like it is now, as it is Summer in the U.S., you probably don't want to wear a lot of make-up.  I live in Miami, so it is very HOT, and the last thing I want to do is put on gobs of make-up.  The solution to maintaining a pulled together look without a lot of make-up is a bright lip.  LUCKY MAGAZINE shows us how celebs pull off this look.
You can easily pull off this look by keeping your face clean:  just moisturizer with a minimum SPF 15 (if you have really good skin,) or a tinted moisturizer with SPF (if you have moderate good skin,) or a liquid foundation of your choice, on top of moisturizer with SPF (if you have some imperfections you'd like to cover up.)  Go ahead and apply your choice of bright lip color.  Add a cheek stain -- a little will go a long way, since you don't want your cheeks to compete with your lips.  (I prefer a cheek stain over blush because it looks much more natural.  Blush is powdery and sits on top of your skin -- it can look obvious.)  If you want to add an extra touch, go ahead and apply some mascara.  Remember to keep it simple -- the bright lip will be plenty to look at.  No need for eye shadow, and definitely do not mix with a smokey eye.

Starting this Spring, a bright pink or an orangey-red has been very on-trend.  I love this look, and I have been wearing it out since then.  I mention it on a previous blog, Fabulous Inexpensive Lipstick: Covergirl Lip Perfection.  This has been my go-to look, especially when I am in a rush or just plain lazy.  Give it a try.  You're going to love that it takes little time to look so pulled together.  Mwuahhh & Kisses...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Limited Edition TRUE BLOOD Cosmetics by Tarte

Already available online is Tarte's collaboration with "True Blood" creators and on-set lead make-up artist, Brigette Myre-Ellis.  Perfect for tomorrow's season premiere of Season 4 on HBO.

Launched on June 22nd, this is a Limited Edition Collection, so be sure to grab your vampire-inspired beauty products before it runs out.  There is an eye-shadow palette (perfect for smoky eyes and lurking in the dark,) a cheek tint and a lip tint (both blood-red.) 

True Blood by Tarte is available at Sephora.comIt is not available on the HBO-True Blood Homepage!  I checked.  I don't know why not.  They sell everything from the actual True Blood drink to Fangtasia bar stools.

Tarte uses all-natural ingredients.  Although I have never used any Tarte products, I will gamble that it is good.  The cheek and lip tint are priced mid to high-end at $30 and $24 respectively.  The eye-shadow palette is the real buy at $52.  It is a kit valued at $331 and comes with 17 eye-shadows, an aqua-gel eye liner, a mascara, and an eye primer.  I'll be buying this for sure!  Don't need the cheek and lip tint as I am fully stocked on red cheek stain and many, many red lipsticks.  

I'm looking forward to doing a smokey eye for Fall, so the Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Palette will be perfect !!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

OMGosh. THIS IS SO FIERCE !!! Raja's New Music Video.

So fierce that I had to do a second blog post for the day.  This is rare, since I have been uninspired and preoccupied this year.  Don't think that I don't have a life, and that I'm on my computer all day.  O.K.  So I don't have a life.  Well, I wasn't on the computer all day on my day off.  I did just work out for 2 and 1/2 hours.  Hellooo...

Anyyyyyyyhoooo, the music isn't all that, but the VISUALS !  OH, THE VISUALS !!!  Not the slutty, oversexed images, but the fashion and the make-up and the plastic wigs.  Oh, so fahhhhboohhhhhlooossssss!  If you are a prude, I suggest you NOT watch this.  If you love fabulocity in all levels and genders, then please do.


Did you see Raja's armpits???  I mean, how does she get it that smooth?  Did she put make-up on that?  I am so hating on her armpits right now.  I am soooooo jelly!

I do love me some drag queens, honey!  Raja is fab.  And Raven is oh so FAB -- my favorite queen from RuPauls Drag Race.  Do you love the all out leopard print outfit?  How about the white?  And the pink tulle?  And how about the nude dress with the beading?  Oh I LUV IT ALL !!!  Give me more face!  Work it ladies!!!

Thank you to all the drag queens around the world.  You make me want to be more WOMAN.  I learned how to blend my eye shadow thanks to RuPaul's Drag Race.  Thanks for all the inspiration you give me drag queens around the world!!!

Today's Fashion Flashback for this Summer -- BRIGITTE BARDOT

I  was researching photos of Kate Moss because I was going to feature her as my next Style Icon, and I came across some fabulous style photos for Brigitte Bardot.  I knew she was a sex bombshell/kitten but I had no idea she was such a style icon.  She is my perfect style muse for Summer 2011 as global warming is heating Miami up to HOT, HOT, HOT.  We know Brigitte Bardot, also known as BB, as the smoking HOT, HOT, HOT French sex icon, so what a perfect muse for style for this year's hot Summer.  N'est pas?  Oui.

We know her for her unfussy bedroom hair and sexy pout, but this is not a post about beauty.  This is post about her style.  What I discovered was that she was known for wearing thigh-high boots and micro-mini dresses, striped sailor shirts (which I always love for the Summer,) boho chic (still good to wear, although mimimalism is on the rise,) gingham dresses and outfits, and of course bikinis.   Aside from the thigh-high boots, all perfect for a hot Summer.

I found the perfect video on YouTube highlighting her style.  Check it out...

What I'll be wearing this Summer is definitely striped shirts and bikinis.  I have a gingham mini dress that I'm hoping I'll fit into soon, since I've been working out.  As far as boho is concerned, I'm kinda over it, but I have so much of it in my closet that I may end up wearing some boho this Summer.  I'll try the Brigitte Bardot sexy pout, but I don't do sexy well.  I'm almost laughing just thinking about it.  Anyhoo, I do feel sexier already just by writing this post.  

Have a great Summer!  Be hot, but don't get overheated ;-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a Hot, Hot Summer in Miami and It's About to Get Even Hotter...

What am I talking about you say?  Well Season 4 of "True Blood" is about to start this Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time!  I AM SO EXCITED !!!  I feel like my life has been on pause since Season 3 ended last Summer.  Finally, my life can begin again.  I know, I know, you're saying life on pause all for a TV show...  Uhhhh, yesss, it's "True Blood" we are talking about.  Oh the excitement of anticipating the next episode!  That week-long adrenaline rush.  Re-watching the episode you just saw the previous Sunday OnDemand over and over again until you can recite the dialogue exchange.  Am I obsessed?  Probably.  But so what.  

So we'll find out where Sookie went when she fantastically disappeared in the cemetary at the end of Season 3.  Oh, we will once again get to see the uber sexy Sheriff of Area 9, Eric.  Please wear more black tank tops this season.  Oh and Alcide will be back.  Ahooooooooo, I howl at the full moon!!!  Why he is only the hottest werewolf to hit this side of the Mississippi.  There will be eye candy for the men too.  I'm sure there will be a nude scene of Sookie, hopefully with Eric, since Bill is out of the picture (I think.)  Pam is, in my opinion, the best eye candy for men with her fierce fashion and wicked one-liners.  She is by far the baddest vampire bitch in Bon Temps.  There is also raven-haired Jessica Hamby.  

Yeah, yeah Jason will be back, no doubt cavorting with more white trash.  Shape-shifting Sam will be back too.  I hope his character doesn't go darker, but I'm afraid he's headed in that direction.  I hope Tara finally dies and be done with her stupid character.  The only cool thing about the Tara story line is that my little sister, Michelle, got to be an extra in one of Tara's scenes.  Apparently Tara goes lesbian in Season 4 and is in a lesbian cage fight.  My sister Michelle got to be one of the crazy lesbians in the background hooting and hollering.  I hope my sister is visible in the scene.

As far as Tara's fabulous cousin, Lafayette, he will be central in Season 4 as he and his lover Jesus delve deeper into witchcraft.  Witches are going to be big in Season 4.  I want to see more faeries and know about them too.  We get a glimpse of faerieland in the following clip.  It is the first 8 minutes of Season 4.  Watch...  

Oh my gosh !!!  I can't wait.  I'm peeing in my pants RIGHT NOW !!!  Three more days is unbearable!  I don't know how I was able to wait one whole year for Season 4.  Oh, yeah...  I was on "pause."

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Next Hair Inspiration is a Boy -- Alex Trimble...

of the band Two Door Cinema Club.  I love his ginger hair, and I wish I was a gingee.  I used to to have reddish brown hair as a little girl actually.  His haircut is somewhat of an edgier version of the Justin Bieber.  I don't know what his haircut looks like at the moment, but the one I would like to grow my hair out to is the one featured in one of their earliest videos for "Something Good Can Work." 

Right now, my bangs are really short for the Summer.  I cut it a little too short my last hair trim two weeks ago.  Although it's time for another trim this week, I am not touching my bangs.  Just the sides and back, possibly tomorrow.

Right now I am obsessed by Two Door Cinema Club's song "Something Good Can Work."  I finally found their video on YouTube a couple of hours ago and have been watching it non-stop, along with their other songs and videos.  This song plays at The Gap where I work and love it every time it plays but didn't know who sang it for the longest time.  Today, I finally could make out a whole line from the hook, so I looked it up on YouTube and lo and behold, the right video finally popped up.  Alas.  After several unsuccessful attempts of looking up this particular song within this year, I at last found the title and the artist.  What a relief!  Now I can go buy their CD (I'm old school when it comes to music -- don't download songs.)

The following video features the haircut I aspire to for the Fall.  Keep your eye on the adorable gingee singing.  Right now, it's too hot to have long bangs on my face.  Makes me sweat unattractively.  More blog posts coming soon about Fall fashion.  'Til then, enjoy my favorite song of the moment.