Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anna Sheffield for Target Now Available. Yay !

It is Thursday, September the third, 2009 and Anna Sheffield's jewelry line for Target is now available. Yes, I know... Let's all celebrate!

I want everything in this new jewelry line for Target, unlike the Erickson Beamon and Subversive collections for Target where I had certain picks, not because of the design but because of the quality of the materials used. Of course the Target lines can't be as good as the designer's original collections -- something has to give, but nothing is lost in Anna Sheffield's interpretation of her collection for Target. Most, if not all, is 14K over sterling silver. It looks 100% real though. Anna Sheffield uses yellow, white and some rose gold. Some alone but many are combined colors. There are quirky rings, fun earrings (posts, hoops and dangling styles), on-trend necklaces made up of multiple chains, a charm bangle (very unique) and other charm bracelets. This collection runs the gamut, unfortunately for me because I want everything from it! YIKES ! I am really in trouble now.

I didn't cave in today though, so I showed some restraint. I got one item -- the "white cubic zirconia bird ring" for $19.99. It looks like an engagement ring, so since I am single, I give it to myself. I promise to be true to myself. There... And I am sending to the Universe that I will get married someday (if you follow The Secret, you know what I mean.) A girl has got to dream... Well, you got me. I'm way into womanhood, but it is never too late...

Prices for this collection range from $19.99 to $79.99. Even though Target offers amazing stuff at affordable prices, it still adds up. I guess my car will remain somewhat functional (it takes a while to start up) and my broken molar (recently broke a tooth with a filling) will just have to wait. I know it's sad...

I am definitely a "frugalista" (Target's new coined term) on her way to being a "brokalista" (my own coined term.) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Let the Right One In" -- Best Vampire Movie Ever!

The above link is a synopsis of the movie and the novel it is based on.

This past Friday, I finally got to watch on DVD the critically acclaimed Swedish film (2008) based on the Swedish novel (vampire fiction) published in 2004. I didn't hear about this movie last year; I don't know, I must have had my head buried in dirt for me to not know about this film. Thanks to a co-worker for recommending this film to me and a classmate's accolades of this film to prompt me to rent the DVD -- finally.

Wow, I haven't seen anything this good in a while. Every two or three years, I get to see a film this good. "Let the Right One In" is now my most recent favorite, and I highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it yet. You don't even have to be into vampires to enjoy this film. And yes, it kicks "Twilight"s butt -- the film anyway. I have neither read the books for "Twilight" nor "Let the Right One In," but in my opinion this film has a better story, be it a love, vampire, or survival story. It is a darn good drama.

The cinematography was beautiful too. Some of the most beautiful night shots I have ever seen. I'm also glad that CGI was kept to a minimum, allowing the characters to lead the story/plot and be the focal point (like it is supposed to be) -- not the CGI as what often happens in Hollywood fare.

This Swedish film is and will be a CLASSIC for many years to come. I hope the US version that is supposed to be released in 2010 does justice to the original film and story like "The Ring" did for the Japanese original, "Ringu", another horror/drama that I enjoyed. I will definitely watch the American version in theaters, as I missed the Swedish original on the big screen, but it better be good...