Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Make the Art Print Work for Everyday Wear

Yesterday I posted some inspiration for a big trend this season in Artful Fashion for Spring/Summer 2014.  You may be wondering, "how can I make it work for me?"  You probably don't want to be walking around looking like a big canvas, ready to be hung on a wall somewhere.  The best thing to do is tone it down with neutral colors such as white, black, nude or beige.  Follow these ladies' lead by wearing it with black.  It really tones it down and makes this trend very wearable for almost any size.  Even I can attempt this look on my plus-size frame -- black clothing is my best friend after all.

Matching your art print finds with a black T-shirt, cardigan, turtleneck, pencil or full skirt will give your outfit just the right amount of a statement and not the "Hey look at my loud, very loud outfit!"  Also keep in mind that minimal accessories work best for this trend. 

Buying just one key piece is all that is needed for this trend, since you can work it with basic, neutral items already in your closet.

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