Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raise Your Online Shopping I.Q. By Shopping Through EBATES.

Actor Greg Grunberg, co-founder of yowza.
I heard about EBATES about two months ago while I was working at The Container Store.  A customer and I were talking about coupon Websites.  I think I referred him to Yowza, a coupon app available to iPhone and more recently to Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre users you are an iPhone or other smartphone user, I highly recommend you download this app.  It's a free app, and you get coupons for all sorts of brick and mortar retail stores, including The Container Store.  It's a rather clever app that when you decide to use a coupon at a participating retailer, a map pops up that points out  other retail stores around your current location that Yowza also has coupons for.  Can you believe it!!!  That is freakin' awesome!  And here is a fun little tidbit, it is cofounded by actor Greg Grunberg).  Anyhoo...  This blog post is about EBATES and not Yowza, even though they are equally cool in their own ways -- they save you money.

I have always been a firm believer in coupons even before I completed my degree in Advertising.  When used properly and wisely, it can save you hundreds of dollars.  I used to clip coupons as a kid when I had no money to even buy stuff with.  I was about ten years old, and I remember being so excited for the Sunday paper, not for the information in it but for all the cool coupons included in the massive Sunday paper.  I used to clip coupons in hopes that my parents would use them.  I don't remember if they did or not, but I sure remember the good ol' times I had flipping through them and clipping the coupons for products we used often and clipping the ones I hoped my parents would buy like the really sugary cereals.  My parents never used those coupons since breakfast was usually SPAM sandwiches (hey what can I say, I am a true Filipino, and boy do Filipinos love SPAM.  I still love SPAM sandwiches.)  I'll do a future blog on really cool coupon sites, but I need to do more research on that topic.

OK, back to EBATES...  Well, I used it today on   Two months after that customer told me about EBATES, I remembered to check out EBATES before checking out from  I wasn't sure about how EBATES worked -- the gist I got from that dude was that it was online rebates and coupons, so I went to the site to see if there were any for Rachel Roy.  Low and behold there listed were promos for Rachel Roy and 2.5% cash back through EBATES.  Oooooooooooooooh, me likes cash back.

The neat thing too is that all the online stores I normally browse and shop from are included:  Target, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Piperlime, you name it -- it's on EBATES.  Also, the cash back percentages vary.  I saw one for 35% cash back;  too bad it's not a site I normally browse.  The 2.5 % cash back from Rachel Roy that had me jumping up and down was actually on the very low end, but I'll still take it!

So if you are going to be doing any online shopping this holiday season, why don't you get cash back for it?  Then use your Discover card and get cash back from that too!  There you go.  You have additional knowledge on some smart online shopping.  Happy shopping, and stay safe during the crazy holiday shopping season -- stay indoors and do some online shopping!  NOW GO GET SOME CASH BACK WITH EBATES.  (Me smiling while one tooth sparkles. LOL.)

p.s.  I ended us saving 20% off my purchase from, got an additional $20 OFF by signing up to receive e-mails, got FREE shipping and got my 2.5% cash back through EBATES.  BUYA !!!  Now that is a deal.

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