Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Affordable Junior's Website:

I just put away my Summer outfits and replaced them with my Fall Jackets and outerwear.  Although I was not impressed with this Fall's trends and looks (not loving the very 70's vibe going on everywhere and the crazy busy navajo and ikat prints seen everywhere,) I still look forward to the layering opportunities that the cold weather will bring.  What I will wear that are this Fall's trends are pops of red and leopard prints.  I will mix it with my love of horizontal stripes.  I'll also give color-blocking a try.

As I perused the September issues of magazines, I came across a fluffy white jacket being sold on a Website called Urban 1972.  Sienna Miller was photographed wearing a similar white fluffy jacket by designer Isabel Marant.  The much less expensive version being sold on for $32.90 is already sold out.  BOOOOOOO, but I'm glad I have a similar one that I bought last Fall from .

Urban 1972 offers clothing and accessories for juniors (or adults like me who haven't quite grown up or foster a young spirit.)  Most of the items are under $100. and many are under $50.  Great for any fashion-forward individuals on a budget.  However, not everything on the site is fab.  You have to sift through the site to find items worth buying.  There are plenty of finds though.  Check out some of the items I've placed on my Wish list.

Love & Peace T-shirt ($9.99)

Laissez Faire Pants ($32.90)

Clocked In Watch ($12.50)

Music is Over the Rainbow T ($12.99)

Faux Fur Bolero Brown ($40.)

Nicky Leopard Leggings Blue ($22.)
Their sizes are S, M and L.  I couldn't find a size chart anywhere on the site;  I'm praying I fit into the L.  We'll see when I place an order and receive the shipment ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coats to Covet This Fall

Going over the Fall collections today on, I was a tad underwhelmed.  I know, I know, it's September 1st and I'm just looking at the Fall collections now!  Well, to be honest, I was bogged down with school and getting my applications in order for Nursing programs.  I was not thinking about fashion as much as I normally do.  So I'm going through, and I am not digging the color theme this Fall 2011 -- a very 70's color palette.  I noticed it with the Fall collection that came at the Gap (one of my part-time jobs,) and there were a lot of plums, pumpkin orange, warm browns.  With many of the collections from Milan to New York featuring a 70's color palette, I am not so upset at myself for looking at the collections so late in the season.  But let me try to focus on the positive.  The first thing I saw that truly loved was a coat from Imitation.  After that, I was inspired by coats and jackets.  I won't get to wear them that much being that I live in Miami, and it gets cold here about five times a year, but what the hoot.  I'll write about the coats that I would love to have but can't afford and so will have to find a similar looking, lower-end copy. 

Kicking off my list of coats to covet is this number by Imitation, designed by Tara Subkoff.
Imitation Fall 2011
I love the ease and shape of it, and it is something that I could actually wear in Miami when the temperature drops to 60 degrees.  The short sleeves will not allow for overeating.  I would love to wear this with a black crewneck sweater and black cropped slim pants.  Shoes will most likely be flats.

Next up is a teal coat by a brand I haven't heard much from called Willow.  Their Fall collection was one that I actually liked.  I found it edgy, yet very wearable.
Willow Fall 2011
This one is relaxed as well but it has good shape and structure.  It looks like it would be slimming.  I especially like the unique underarm vents.  Again, something that might fly on a somewhat cold day in Miami, yet would still be appropriate to wear in New York or other colder places in the US, with the exception of Minnesota.

The next coat I list is the head of the pack when it comes to the trend of mixed-materials for this Fall, and it is Prada's python coat with a green fur collar.
Prada Fall 2011
It certainly looks modern without trying too hard to look modern.  It just is very now.  Even though pea green is a color of the 70's, this coat does not give me a 70's vibe at all.

Here is another Prada number to covet.
Prada Fall 2011

The following coats I list are of the fur or faux fur variety.  Animal lovers, don't hate me.  Remember I can't buy any of these;  I am merely appreciating the beauty of design.  Uh hmnnn...  Without further ado...

The following two are great outerwear choices from Matthew Williamson to get your black and white fix.  I would die for either one of these -- they fit my fashion personality totally !
Matthew Williamson Fall 2011

Matthew Williamson Fall 2011
I live for black and white stripes, and these two coats do it for me!

The next two are fun little numbers from a designer on a meteoric rise, Prabal Gurung.  These coats are to die for, for sure!
Prabal Gurung Fall 2011

Prabal Gurung Fall 2011
These colors are delicious and both these coats look so fun and fluffy, not to mention  GLAMOROUS!!!  I luv, I luv.

I would die for any of these coats, but one that I might actually conspire, aspire, and willing to starve for is the first one I listed -- the one by Imitation.  It just looks like something I can wear until I die of old age, and you know how old people get cold easily, so I can literally wear it every winter until I die of old age.  That should justify the cost.