Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wear a Sundress for Spring/Summer Just Like Sookie Stackhouse

Ah, the flowers are blooming, the sun peaks from the clouds, and the grass is green all around.  It's Springtime, and it's time to break out those sundresses, light cardigans and light cotton or silk scarves.  Nobody rocks this ultra-feminine look better than Sookie Stackhouse.  Ana Paquin brings this heroine to life and wonderfully portrays Sookie's combination of innocent goodness and undercover sexiness that neither Bill nor Eric can resist.  How does she do it?  The wardrobing for "True Blood" is so on-point for all the characters and even more so for Sookie.

Check out Sookie's style.  It's so flirty and charming.  No wonder Bill and Eric are just dying to say, "mine, mine, mine."

I can't wait for June 10th when Season 5 begins.  What will the wardrobe stylists put Sookie in?  Oh, I just can't wait !

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