Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pixie Haircut, Then & Now

I cut my hair short last January (2011) and ever since, I have been obsessed with the pixie cut.  I have a round face, so I always thought a short haircut wouldn't work on me.  However, I saw the light last January.  Inspired by Edie Sedgwick, I cut my hair short.  MYSELF.  Don't worry, I didn't go crazy or something -- I've been cutting my own hair for years.  I don't trust anyone with my hair, and the best thing is I save money!  Short hair requires a lot more trimming, and the last time someone else cut my hair, it cost me $100.  That is too much money to spend twice a month on a haircut (for me), and besides, I give myself a pretty darn good haircut.  Check out my post on my first short haircut.

The pixie haircut has been around for years, but lately, celebrities like Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson have been making the pixie haircut so HOT !  And that is just some the celebrities that have been sporting the refreshing short cut.  The celebrities I just mentioned have been sporting their short do since last year or earlier, but this year more celebs are shedding their long, layered locks for the pixie.

I can attest that the pixie cut is truly refreshing in the Spring and the sweltering Summer days.  Aside for trimming your hair every two to three weeks, it is a very low-maintenance style.  Of course there are many variations of the pixie cut, and some require more maintenance than others.

For Spring/Summer 2012, the pixie cut is a perfect complement to the fashion trends of neon colors, color-blocking, pastels, ethnic prints, and florals.  If you've been thinking about giving the pixie a try, here are some famous faces that have gone the pixie route, then and now.



The following celebrities/public figures are ones that take the pixie to the next level.  They wear their short hair with 'tude and really own it.  In fact, I can't see them with any other hair length, other than short.  See if you agree.  I admire their boldness -- they really make their short hair part of their persona -- their signature, if you will...


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