Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's Style Icon -- KATE BOSWORTH

Kate Bosworth makes looking stylish seem so easy and effortless.  I love seeing her featured in fashion mags for her style -- she truly is a modern style icon.  How does she do it, you ask?  Well, she does have a stylist, Cher Coulter.  In fact, they continually collaborate for, a members-only Website for cool jewelry that Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter have designed that sort of works like book-of-the month club.

I love Kate's everyday style, as opposed to glitzy red-carpet events.  Everyday people like you and me can really relate to that.  We all can't wear expensive designer evening dresses, or go to fancy schmancey red-carpet events, but we all can be stylish headed out to the grocery store, the movies, to dinner, or whatever we do in our everyday lives.  Kate's look is usually simple, always pulled together, and even though she has access to so many cool jewelry pieces, and she does layer her jewelry, she NEVER looks overly accessorized.

Casual Kate: 

The look she often sports are her tan cowboy booties by Isabel Marant.  I love how she rocks those booties with practically everything from dresses, to shorts, to whatever, AND SHE MAKES IT WORK.  She has shown me that I too can rock the cowboy bootie with practically everything.  Well, almost everything.  I have suede cowboy booties in tan and navy blue -- they give my outfits pizazz and individuality.  Plus, they are super comfortable.  LOVES IT !!!
Kate In Those Cowboy Booties:

Here is a clip of Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter sharing some style tips with

Kate's style is elegant, cool, relaxed, fashion-forward, and oh so effortless.  She truly is a modern-day style icon, and her style is surely one to emulate.
Event Kate:  

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