Thursday, April 5, 2012

Loving the Dorothy Perkins Website -- Super Affordable and Right on Trend

To all my fellow fashionistas on a budget, you have got to check out DP Dorothy Perkins right now!  I mean literally right now.  No read my blog first, then check them out.  They are fashion-forward, right on trend with what's in fashion now, for the season, and in today's case Spring-time.  I live in Miami, so Spring doesn't really exist.  It's only April, and already, it's hot as balls in hell.  But enough about me and onto DP Dorothy Perkins.  

This company has actually been around quite a while, since 1909 under the name H. P. Newman.  It's a company located in the UK, which explains why I am finding about them only recently from another fashion blog I subscribe to.  For more about the company history, visit Dorothy Perkins.

Onto the fashion, they have everything!  I mean everything!  What I love the most is that they have sizes up to 18 (US sizing) in many styles.  Their sizing is mainly 2 to 16 (US,) but I'm happy with the 18 for select styles.  Good for any plus-size fashion monsters, like myself.  I'm between a 16 and 18 right now.  Sorry size 0 and 00 gals.  And besides, you skinny gals have Forever 21, which is AWESOME, for you.  Umn hmn...  Oh well, I can still buy their accessories.  I'm not hating on the skinny girls.

My picks from DP Dorothy Perkins for Spring are their dresses (which they have so many of,) swim suits, and their colored denim.  Check out this short video they did with Cosmo UK.

O.K.  Now go to !!!

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