Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gap is Getting Cool Again

Being a Gap Inc. employee for about four years now, I've seen changes in the styles we carry and who our target customer is.  The Gap is still known for it's basics but what some people don't know is that the Gap is now carrying trendier pieces again.

This fall I've seen quite a change in the styles and products available to customers.  No longer is the Gap just a t-shirt and jeans company.  There is the the Gap Black Pants Collection, available since late Summer, perfect for a day at the office then meeting up with friends after work.  Gap is right on trend with neutrals for Fall (See my blog on Neutrals is What Fall 2010 is All About).  Gap is carrying a lot of black and gray with splashes of nude and cream, but unlike the runway collections with many designers doing head to toe neutrals, the Gap still provides colors as it always has.  After all, the Gap is known for its items in different colors like the turtleneck in five or six colors or the basic T for men in an abundance of colors to choose from.  The Gap still has the basics but now also offers trendier pieces so that you don't have to go to Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 for fun, trendy pieces.  Now you can get your basics and splash it up with up-to-the-minute fashion forward pieces all at one store.

I'm personally dieing for a sequined jacket that's part of the Shine Collection for the holidays.  It's supposed to come into stores either this week or next.  It's going to fly off the racks when it comes into stores -- so many customers are asking about it. 

I'm excited for these changes.  I look forward seeing how Gap evolves, and I'm glad Gap is being more fashion-forward and trend-right.

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