Sunday, July 4, 2010

Neutrals is What Fall 2010 is All About

Grays, camels and taupes is what's cool for this Fall.  Wearing these colors (choose one) in a monochromatic color scheme were featured by many of the designers during Fashion Week in all three major fashion capitals.  Many of the looks that walked down the runway were very reminiscent of the minimalist 90's.

Will the next decade make a move toward cleaner, sleeker looks like we saw and wore during the 90's?  Perhaps the heavily embellished, predominantly boho looks that we have enjoyed during this decade are headed towards the back of our closets and into donation bags to be given to Goodwill or The Salvation Army?  Hmmnnn, makes one wonder and look forward to fashion for the next decade.

However, I'll miss 80's inspired looks that were so popular this decade.  I hope the 80's inspired look will not be relegated to costume parties.  As we've seen in previous decades, fashion does a turn-about and does exactly the opposite of the decade that just passed.  We saw the opulent 80's with it's voluminous silhouettes make way for the body conscious, sleek minimalism of the 90's, and from that to the heavily embellished, often ethereal boho looks of the 2000's.

Yes, this decade's style was a hodge-podge of decades from the previous century with it's heavily 70's influenced bohemian looks, sprinkled with 80's spirit of neon, big jewels and lots of everything.  It only makes sense to rebel from all that and go boring again.  Although I did enjoy the 90's minimalist looks, it's so much more fun to get all funky and accessorize A LOT.  Oh, we shall see what the next decade has in store for us...

Back to Fall 2010.  The difference with this Fall's collection to the 90's is the different dimensions that layering was done.  Fur was out in the 90's, but not this Fall.  PETA must be losing it's stronghold because feathers and fur were plenty to be seen on the runway.  Yes, the color scheme was monochromatic but layering was about texture and adding multi-dimensions to an outfit.  It was far from boring indeed.

To see what I am talking about, check out the best of the runway footage from's "The Front Row" videos of Fall 2010.  This was by far the best compiled footage I found on the Net.

The Front Row: Videos from Fall Fashion Week 2010

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