Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am Officially Obsessed With Jewelmint !!!

O.K Got my first shipment from Jewelmint four days after I placed my first order, and I was soooooooo happy with what I saw and received.  It definitely looked more expensive than the $29.99 I paid for each piece, and it came beautifully packaged.  And here is the update I promised if you want to get more than one selection for the month, since each month you can choose your favorite for 1 credit, which is the $29.99 monthly fee you pay for if you like a selection (again, you pay NOTHING if you don't like anything from the selection they choose for you based on the answers to the style quiz you took.)  If you like more than one selection, you simply pay an additional $29.99 for each piece.  Simple as that.  When you do that, the following month, you get 0 credits, I guess that means you don't have to choose a piece, but like I mentioned previously, you are never obligated to choose a piece if you don't like what you see.  However, I predict it will be rare that you will not like anything, since the designs are so modern and unique.  I haven't seen these designs in stores or anything similar to it.  YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO TAKE THEM UP ON THEIR OFFER.  As for me, my first month, I ended up selecting four pieces AND I WANTED MORE, but I think I am a freakish case, since jewelry and accessories are my "obsession."

The bummer is that when the next month's selection comes around, the items you have in your "Showroom" (that's the page where they feature what pieces Jewelmint has selected for you) from the previous month disappears = (  That means if there were items you were thinking about getting also either are no longer available to you or you have to fish it out of their selections by clicking on the "show me more" button or the "Our Designs" quicklink.  I did both several times but were not able to retrieve pieces that were in my November Showroom.  I was very sad that December creeped up on me and I did not order all the items I wanted from my November selections.  I guess, in a way, it's a lesson in being greedy for me.  But how can I not be greedy?  Their jewelry pieces are so AMAZING !!!  I want more and more Jewelmint!  I think it's officially "my precious," and I am now the crazed Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Check out my two other precious selections from November.  I am rubbing my hands together as we speak, as I wait for its arrival via USPS.

Celestial Wreath Necklace

Deville Cuff


  1. Hi, if you by chance still own it, would you be at all interested in selling your Celestial Wreath Necklace? (Price negotiable, of course!) If so, please email me at Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Jill,

      I still own the necklace, but I still wear it on occassion. Unfortunately, the best pieces from JewelMint were the earlier pieces, and this being one, makes it a keeper. I find the newer pieces are lesser in quality, however still great on design. However, I have seen JewelMint being sold on eBay as a second market. Keep a look out for older pieces.

      Sorry for now...

      Pink Cowboy Boots