Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Obsession: Watches at TARGET

The watches at Target first ignited my interest when my classmate who I carpool with wore her rose gold watch.  I admired her watch from the backseat on the way to class.  While we were walking in the parking lot on the way to class, she was fidgeting with it and mentioned "Look at this watch I got at Target.  Doesn't it look just like a Michale Kors watch?"  It sure did!  I thought it was one.  Then she mentioned it was under $20 bucks.  It was then I decided I gotta get me one too.

Merona® Rectangle Case Bracelet Watch - Gunmetal $19.99

Looking for the rose gold watch my classmate has a day later, I did not find it at my neighborhood Target, but I found this one instead.  The rectangle bracelet watch in gunmetal was a no-brainer, must-have watch.  I have gunmetal jewelry that needed a matching watch, so I bought it that day. I wore it right away and couldn't stop looking at it.  It looks so expensive!  Although, it doesn't have the feel of an expensive watch due to the light weight of it, it is gorgeous, and only you would know the actual cost of the watch.  It retails for $19.99, but I got a $2 discount.  At $17.99, it was a steal!

About a week later,  I had to return some items.  I wanted to exchange it for hopefully the rose gold watch my classmate had.  No such luck, but I found this beautiful two-toned number.

Men's Merona® Silver and Gold Two-Tone Easy-Read Watch $19.99

I am wearing it now as I write this post, and again I can't help but look at every now and then.  It is just that stunning!  This watch is a bit heavier than the gunmetal number -- it has a heavier case, but the bracelet is still very light, indicating an inexpensive watch.  That doesn't bother me though, as I am not a watch snob (or a snob of any kind.)  I know there are folks out there, like my brother, who only wear expensive time-pieces.  If so, these watches are not for you.  Also, some of the features are not functional and are there just for show.  The stop-watch detailing are fake and don't work.  Again, this does not bother me;  I don't need that feature anyway.  I got the $2. discount again and ended up paying $17.99 plus tax.

These watches, by the way, are much better looking in person.  These photos are very washed out by the lighting, as with most items viewed Online.  Better to check it out in the stores first to see if you like them too.  I also love that the face does not show a brand.  It gives it a more sleek look, and less indicators that it is a cheap watch.  Sometimes the brand ruins the look (with bad logo design, poor choices in font design, bad brand reputation like "Timex", etc.)

If you get bored with wearing the same ol' watch everyday, like I do, these watches are great solution.  The watches at Target are an inexpensive fix.  You can practically have a watch for every outfit.

Today, I have the urge to hunt down this elusive rose gold ditty that my classmate has, so I will stop by the Target by my job, crossing my fingers that it is available (store locator says it is in-stock.)  It is this gorgeous number that I must have.

Women's Merona® Rose Gold Oversized Boyfriend Watch $16.99

Wish me luck... 

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