Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Thrifts, She Scores: 2-26-2013

One of the things I love to do just before a season is under way is to go thrift store shopping and see what I can find that is on trend for that season.  I don't always get to go, but I try especially when Spring is under way, my favorite season.  With Spring just around the corner on March 20th and most of the Spring trends already out in magazines, fashion Websites and blogs, now is the perfect time to go thifting for Spring trends.  I was off from school and work on Tuesday and was feeling lucky, so I headed out to some charity thrift stores.

First stop was the closest Goodwill, only to find out it is now a furniture shop.  Boooooooooo !!!  So I headed out to the next nearby Goodwill and scored two necklaces for a total of $7 and some change.  I scored a coin gold-tone necklace that I have had in mind ever since I bought a bold, long necklace from Refinery 29 Shops a couple of months ago (pictured to the right.)  See the coin necklace pictured with the long, chunky necklace;  well unfortunately someone else bought that one before me.  Luckily, on my recent thrifting excursion, I found one similar.  I was very excited to find one so similar pictured below.  

While I was exiting the strip mall this particular Goodwill was at, I saw a cop car where there was a "no U-turn" sign, so no U-turns for me even in the following turn opportunities.  Instead of heading home, I decided to head to another Goodwill further away.  On the way over there, I was in the vicinity of a Salvation Army I haven't been to in ages, so I stopped in.  I found a lot of good stuff.  I was looking for floral shirts and a boho style dress to wear with this coin necklace.  By the time I finished perusing the women's section, I had about a dozen items.  One of the best finds was a Christian Dior blazer from what looks like the eighties -- SCORE !!!  I did find a boho dress, but not in my size.  It was made of silk and in amazing condition, so I couldn't put it down.  I figured it will fit my younger sister who wears between a Size 2 or 4.  I took the items to the fitting room, very important to make sure they fit and look good.  I was beyond excited to find the Christian Dior blazer was a good fit on my large frame.  I ended up scoring 7 clothing items and one pair of earrings for .99 cents.  Total of $55 and some change.


Striped T, Navy Skinny Jeans, Silver-toned Jewelry, Spiked Flats
Bill Murray Print T, Black Skinny Jeans, Gold Boho Sandals, Gold Jewelry
Other Gold-tone Finds; Still looking for a Boho dress
It was a very successful thrifting excursion -- one of the best I've had.  I hope this post inspires you to do some treasure hunting of your own at your local charity shop.  

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