Friday, February 22, 2013

FLOWER Power for Your Lips

I heard about Drew Barrymore venturing out with her own beauty line called FLOWER about three weeks ago.  I thought cool, it's probably expensive, then didn't think much about it.  Earlier this evening, I was scrolling through my Google+ page and I saw a gorgeous picture of Drew Barrymore sporting a stunning shade of lipstick and read the caption that she was wearing the shade "Petunia Petals" from her own line.  What catapulted me to want to get this shade was that it's being sold at Walmart, so I clicked on the link for Walmart, and lo and behold it's priced at $6.98.  F - A - B - U - L - O - U - S !!!

I put on a pair of pants faster than I have ever put on a pair of pants and drove to my neighborhood Walmart to see if the Flower Petunia Petals lipstick was in stock.  I wanted to see it in person first before I purchased it.  I hate getting something Online that I have never seen before in person when it comes to make-up.  You can easily make a mistake as most Online pictures vary due to the bright lights used to photograph items.  Sadly, Petunia Petals was all sold out =(  However, there was a shade called "Rose Bud" that I liked.  There was one tube on the shelf, and the best part was that it was unopened.  Well, of course, I opened it to see the color, and it was a stunning shade of red.  SOLD !!!

I continued to peruse the other colors of lipstick.  There are two lines of lipstick (one has a velvety texture and the other is a high-shine lipstick,) a lipgloss line, a lip butter line, a sheer lip tint line, and of course, a line of lip liners.  The lipsticks and the lip tints seem to be selling the fastest as indicated by the messiness and emptiness of the display.  I chose another color in the high-shine variety called "Coral Floret" which is perfect for me as I have been trying to hunt down coral shades of lipstick for a while now -- very hard to find.

FLOWER Kiss Stick High Shine Lipcolor in Rose Bud (left) and Coral Floret (right).
The two tubes of high shine lipcolor that I got glide on very smoothly and have a super-silky feel.  The scent is feminine and pleasant; each shade has a different floral scent.  The colors are highly-pigmented, and the the photo I took above doesn't do the in-person color any justice.  Looks amazing in person.  Looks so-so in the picture above.

Flower is a full beauty line with foundations, powder, cheek color and eye color.  The packaging is well-designed, does not look cheap, and stands out from other drugstore beauty brands, especially with the differently shaped lipstick tubes.  The lipsticks I got this evening are labeled "Proudly made in the U.S.A." and "We never test on animals."  The price-points are very affordable.  Drew has done good with this project.  Very well thought-out.  Thank you Drew Barrymore for creating this line of beauty products for the every-day gal, like me!

Now that Flower has got my trust and belief in the product, I will venture to get the "Petunia Petals" shade of the high shine lipcolor Online.  I know it's a hot pink or magenta of some sort -- a trend that has been going on for a while now, so I can't go that wrong.  Anyhow, now that I like the product, I can gamble a bit.

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