Friday, December 3, 2010

Christian Siriano Has a Jewelry Line !!!

 Hmnnnnnn.  This is very interesting.  Just as I am overly ecstatic over Jewelmint, I discover this other site that does the same thing, except it’s not just jewelry but all sorts of accessories.  It features Christian Siriano’s new jewelry line:  Christian Siriano Jewelry for Send the Trend.  Send the Trend works the same way as Jewelmint;  it’s like a book-of-the-month club, except it’s for accessories.  You only pay when you like the selection they have for you, based on a style quiz you take upon becoming a member.  Hmnnnnn, sound familiar???  It’s exactly like Jewelmint!  Except it’s not just jewelry but all sorts of accessories.  Déjà vu???  I KNOW ! 

I don’t know which came first, the chicken or the egg, or Jewelmint or Send the Trend, but I like.  I did not like anything in my “Gallery” upon joining (equivalent to Jewelmint’s “Showroom.”)  The Gallery is the page that features your monthly selections.  Just like Jewelmint, it’s as if a stylist has picked out items for you based on your style personality.  You set your style personality with your answers to the style quiz.  Although I did not like anything in my Gallery, I will definitely keep a lookout for what they have for me each month. 

I do love the site.  There is a lot of information on what the hottest trends are right now.   You can stay on top of trends by reading articles in the “Monthly Trend” tab or the Send the Trend Blog.  I think it will be a good source for what’s happening on the streets, style-wise.  I look forward to my monthly newsletters and my monthly selections.  I didn’t like anything today, but I’m sure there will be something for me in the future.

Christian Siriano's "Regal Estate" Collection for Send the Trend

Send the Trend features Christian Siriano Jewelry.  It is very unique, very Christian and very fierce.  I don’t know if it’s my style but we’ll see what his future collections have in store.  His Fall collection of jewelry for Send the Trend called Regal Estate is somewhat amorphous and alien-like.  It looks cool and nothing I’ve seen before, and as we saw on Project Runway of Christian’s work, very creative. 

I signed up to become a member for Send the Trend, but I will not get anything this month.  I love that you are not obligated to buy, but I will definitely read what Send the Trend has to say about what’s happening with trends.  Check them out, maybe it’s for you.

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