Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christian Siriano's Spring '11 Colletion for Payless is kRaZee Good

I've been keeping an eye on Christian Siriano's designer line for Payless for a few seasons now, since 2009.  I haven't bought anything yet, but I sure will when his Spring 2011 collection hits Payless stores.  It is outstanding!  It is from another world.  I'm so proud of Christian and how he's proven America and the world that he is Project Runway's SUPERSTAR!  His creativity and designs surpass many other upcoming and established designers.  His vision and creations are both futuristic and retrospective, but uniquely Christian Siriano.  Bravo Christian !!!

The shoes I am coveting coming out in the Spring are the two pictured below.  I will certainly be on the lookout and bee-lining to Payless as soon as they come out.  Come on Spring, hurry up and get here already! I just hope I can walk in them -- they look pretty high !

Christian Siriano for Payless, Spring 2011.
Christian Siriano for Payless, Spring 2011.

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