Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geek Chic Inspiration from Two Door Cinema Club's New Video: SLEEP ALONE

Now why is such an adorable boy like Alex Trimble singing about sleeping alone???  He shouldn't know about such things.  I don't know about his personal life or his love life (if I was a teenager, I would know every fun fact about him and Two Door Cinema Club), but just by listening to the lyrics, sounds like loneliness is haunting him on the road.  Nobody said being a successful musician was easy.  Shoot, nothing is easy.  Nursing school is killing me right now, but I knew it would be hard and competative.  I'm sure being rich and beautiful isn't easy either.  Well I feel for poor little hottie potottie Alex Trimble.

I feel even more for his outfit.  I love the entire band's wholesome approach to fashion.  Check out the new video for "Sleep Alone."

They look like studious boys that would have sat next to me at the library when I was doing my undergrad in the 90's during the fall.  Well, they're a bit more dressed up and preppy, as my college days were all about grunge.  Anyway, I still picture them in a library somewhere either reading quietly or quizzing each other.

Their studious, collegiate look is perfect inspiration for Pre-Fall.  Those light crewneck sweaters and cardigans atop button-downs, worn with slim-fit jeans and old-school tennis shoes are perfect outfits for late August and early September.  Not just for boys, but for girls too that don't mind underplaying their femininity.  I love androgynous style like Tilda Swinton's.  It's so edgy and so, so hip.  Unfortunately, only skinny girls can pull off this look.  Pudgy girls/women like me would just end up looking like Pat (old skits from Saturday Night Live via the 90's).

If you are young and thin, feel free to try this look.  Other's perception of your I.Q. might go up.  One thing is for sure, your hipster status will go up.

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