Saturday, August 4, 2012

Time to Transition Your Closet From Summer to Fall

Ah alas, it is August and is the last month of Summer 2012.  What a Summer it was !  There was lots of fun to be had via fashion.  I hope the urge to wear pastels, an exuberance of florals, color blocking and the Spring/Summer staples of nautical and head-to-toe whites are out of your system.  Or almost anyway.

With September (my favorite month) around the corner and Fall/Winter Season creeping into the picture, it is time to prepare your wardrobe for the colder months.  I just did so two days ago.  Maybe hold on to putting out all your bulky sweaters just yet,  Just start to bring out your darker colored garments in the Fall/Winter palette.  Hello forest green, mulberry, and wine.  And of course my Fall/Winter best friend, black.

I am looking forward to layering and looking slimmer in those darker palettes.  I don't know, i think it's easier to look chic in the Fall.  Blazers just make it so easy to look chic.  It is just the perfect finishing touch.  Great for when you are in a rush -- just throw on a blazer.  No time for piling on the accessories, the blazer will fix that.  So this is the item to bring to the front of your closet or in a prominent area.

Summer to Fall Transition

Keep those light layering scarves around, even the florals.  It is a great transition piece.  As much as I love scarves, I can't wear them too much in the Summer -- It just makes me sweat TOO MUCH !  Ughhhh, sweating is so not fashionable.  But with the temperature starting to cool in September, what a perfect time to wear those light scarves.  Plus it is the perfect bridge between Summer and Fall.

There might be an item in your closet that didn't get much play in the Summer -- that white oxford button-down shirt.  Well, bring it on out.  You'll get plenty of use out of it in the coming months.  While you're at it, bring forward those other colored tailored button-down shirts.  Perfect now for wearing alone or with a blazer or that scarf.  The button-down will start to tailor your look.  As the Fall/Winter months require more clothes, the look is more tailored.  By starting to wear your tailored button-downs late in the Summer, it is the perfect transition to the Fall/Winter months.

Keep these three items in mind when transitioning your closet from Summer to Fall/Winter.  When you prepare your closet, have the items you will use the most, the most handy.  This will help getting ready in the morning, or for whatever occasion, faster and easier in the next couple of months.

Enjoy the remainder of the Summer.  This song is my end-of-Summer song for 2012.


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