Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Trend Summer 2012 Swimsuits by the GAP In Stores Now

As Spring quickly turns into Summer, it's time to break out those swimsuits or get new ones.  If you are in the market for new ones, the Gap just released it's Summer 2012 collection of super on-trend swimsuits at not-so-bad prices today.

With Patrick Robinson gone from the helm of the design team, the Gap's clothes are becoming cuter and cuter an more wearable than ever.  The Gap we know and love is back!

This year's collection of swimsuits is the largest I've seen from the Gap.  There's everything from tropical prints, to stripes, florals, polka dots, and of course, solids.  There is so much to choose from!

As the Gap stock prices have been up this year, it's a clear indication that the Gap is back on track.  The Gap is relevant again, YAYYYYYYYY !!!  I root for the Gap because I work there on weekends while I get my Nursing degree.  Anyhoo, enough about me...

Prices are under $40. per piece, as they are sold separately.  Great for everyone that wears a different size up top than on the bottom.

My pics from this year's collection are the following:

Gap Printed Bandeau Top
Gap Striped Tie Top

If you catch this blog today, this glorious Thursday of the 3rd of May (2012), you can save 25% if you enter GAPTICTOK.

O.K.  Get your sun and swim on.  Don't forget to wear sunscreen !!!

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