Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hi, My Name is Pink Cowboy Boots, And I Am a SWATCH Addict.

  O n September of last year, I turned 40.  Two of my gifts were from my sister Tessa who has amazing taste.  She knows my style, and in fact dubbed my "punky brewster" style and occasionally calls my style "blossom" -- both shows from the 80's.  I agree that my style is eclectic, colorful and probably loud to most people.  Anyhow, that's me and that's how I like it.

Tessa really knows how to give gifts;  always giving you something fabulous, something you may not need but will most definitely want.  Last year, for my special turning of age birthday, officially joining the middle-aged, she gave me two very youthful watches from SWATCH.  I LUV THEM and wear them with zeal !!!

One is a Jeremy Scott design with angel wings in white.  Super-fabulous!!!  It's no longer sold on the SWATCH Website, but you may find it on eBay. 

The other a florescent orange face with a black and white zebra strap (no longer available.)  My sister said I could go to the nearest SWATCH store and exchange any of the watches she got me with the gift receipt. 

I kept the white Jeremy Scott design for sure, but the orange zebra striped one I was willing to switch for another.  I ended trading it for one of the Kidrobot designs.  I chose the Love Song design by graffiti artist Tilt (also no longer available from the SWATCH official Website, but other Kidrobot designs are still available.)

The Kidrobot designs come with a doll.  A doll !!!  I love dolls, and still have part of my Barbie Doll collection (I sold some 35 dolls on eBay last year to free up some closet space for clothes.)  They are fun and oh so collectible ! 

My sister has got me hooked on SWATCH.  I want another Kidrobot design, and I actually want the orange zebra striped one back now that neon is so hottt for Spring/Summer 2012.  Aghhhhh, too bad it's no longer available from the SWATCH site.

I have to commend the SWATCH store I visited last year at Dadeland Mall in Miami.  The customer service was superb.  They added me to a members club that once a year has a membership event that allows you to bring in your SWATCH for a battery change, polishing and cleaning.  WOW !!!  I was very impressed.  That kind of excellent customer service has made a fan out of me.

This Spring/Summer with all the trends to look forward to getting dressed every morning, I've been itching to get more SWATCH watches.  I am totally jonesing for another SWATCH watch.  There's so many to choose from, and they're worse than potato
chips -- you can't stop at just one!  Anyhoo, enough of my babbling.  Here are my picks for Summer 2012.

Shout Out $70 from Kidrobot Collection

Arctic Sea $50

Yellow Lacquered $75

Wonder Zebra $70
I don't think I'll hanker for any other brand of watch, being that there are so many to desire and dream about from SWATCH.  Well, except for maybe Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors and maybe Oceanaut.  Sigh, I am a fashion and accessories addict!  (This is why I blog, so I can get it out of my system without necessarily buying.)

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