Friday, June 24, 2011

OMGosh. THIS IS SO FIERCE !!! Raja's New Music Video.

So fierce that I had to do a second blog post for the day.  This is rare, since I have been uninspired and preoccupied this year.  Don't think that I don't have a life, and that I'm on my computer all day.  O.K.  So I don't have a life.  Well, I wasn't on the computer all day on my day off.  I did just work out for 2 and 1/2 hours.  Hellooo...

Anyyyyyyyhoooo, the music isn't all that, but the VISUALS !  OH, THE VISUALS !!!  Not the slutty, oversexed images, but the fashion and the make-up and the plastic wigs.  Oh, so fahhhhboohhhhhlooossssss!  If you are a prude, I suggest you NOT watch this.  If you love fabulocity in all levels and genders, then please do.


Did you see Raja's armpits???  I mean, how does she get it that smooth?  Did she put make-up on that?  I am so hating on her armpits right now.  I am soooooo jelly!

I do love me some drag queens, honey!  Raja is fab.  And Raven is oh so FAB -- my favorite queen from RuPauls Drag Race.  Do you love the all out leopard print outfit?  How about the white?  And the pink tulle?  And how about the nude dress with the beading?  Oh I LUV IT ALL !!!  Give me more face!  Work it ladies!!!

Thank you to all the drag queens around the world.  You make me want to be more WOMAN.  I learned how to blend my eye shadow thanks to RuPaul's Drag Race.  Thanks for all the inspiration you give me drag queens around the world!!!

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