Monday, June 20, 2011

My Next Hair Inspiration is a Boy -- Alex Trimble...

of the band Two Door Cinema Club.  I love his ginger hair, and I wish I was a gingee.  I used to to have reddish brown hair as a little girl actually.  His haircut is somewhat of an edgier version of the Justin Bieber.  I don't know what his haircut looks like at the moment, but the one I would like to grow my hair out to is the one featured in one of their earliest videos for "Something Good Can Work." 

Right now, my bangs are really short for the Summer.  I cut it a little too short my last hair trim two weeks ago.  Although it's time for another trim this week, I am not touching my bangs.  Just the sides and back, possibly tomorrow.

Right now I am obsessed by Two Door Cinema Club's song "Something Good Can Work."  I finally found their video on YouTube a couple of hours ago and have been watching it non-stop, along with their other songs and videos.  This song plays at The Gap where I work and love it every time it plays but didn't know who sang it for the longest time.  Today, I finally could make out a whole line from the hook, so I looked it up on YouTube and lo and behold, the right video finally popped up.  Alas.  After several unsuccessful attempts of looking up this particular song within this year, I at last found the title and the artist.  What a relief!  Now I can go buy their CD (I'm old school when it comes to music -- don't download songs.)

The following video features the haircut I aspire to for the Fall.  Keep your eye on the adorable gingee singing.  Right now, it's too hot to have long bangs on my face.  Makes me sweat unattractively.  More blog posts coming soon about Fall fashion.  'Til then, enjoy my favorite song of the moment.

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