Friday, September 20, 2013

My Review of Eva Mendes for New York & Company

I am not a big fan of collections by celebrities with clothing lines, with the exception of Gwen Stefani, but I just happened to step into a New York & Company store nearby looking for a black blazer and saw the Eva by Eva Mendes for New York & Company collection.  To my surprise, I liked what I saw -- A LOT.  The collection definitely has a dominant presence in the store as it was featured at the front as you walk in.  The color scheme of peach, coral and burgundies was very warm and welcoming.  The look of the collection is demure and very feminine.  It is definitely a girly-girl's collection.

The collection has a little more to offer other than clothes to wear to the office, as that is what New York and Company is known for -- affordable work-wear.  According to Women's Wear Daily, New York & Company is venturing into the "lucrative day-to-dinner, cocktail and evening categories."  Partnering with Eva Mendes and offering the Eva collection is just part of that strategy.  

Well I am very happy for Ms. Eva Mendes.  I hope this partnership is a success for both the talented actress and New York & Company.

I walked out of the store with nothing, but I was glad I got to see the collection.  My favorite is the bow blouse in City Leopard;  too bad I have nowhere to wear that to.  If you like feminine dressing that is not fussy, this collection might be for you and worth checking out.  The Eva by Eva Mendes collection includes blouses, lots of dresses, skirts, trousers and accessories.  Definitely something you can wear from the office to cocktail hour.  The price-point ranges from $19.95 to $159.95 with most of the pieces being between $50. and $80.  This collection is very affordable.

Ms. Mendes talks about the partnership...

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