Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's Fashion Flashback -- PUNK

Oy, oy, oy !!!  Punk is HUGE for Fall 2013, and it is one of my favorite trends for this season.  Grunge was the revival for Spring (See my post:  Today's Fashion Flashback -- GRUNGE,) and now Punk makes a come-back.  So if you bought any plaid this Spring, be sure to recycle it for Fall.  Pair it with a leather vest or jacket, or don some chunky leather boots with that plaid.

Some key pieces to sport this trend are:

1.)  The leather motorcycle jacket or vest

2.)  Anything plaid

3.)  A tartan skirt

4.)  Heavy/chunky leather boots

5.)  Safety pin accessories

6.)  Tattered/distressed jeans

Make sure your outfit is age-appropriate.  If you're older and about my age (a youthful-minded 40's) pick just one item from the above list for just a hint of Punk.  You don't want to look like you shop at Hot Topic with your teenage kids.  If you're younger, you can be a bit more liberal with this trend.  

Chanel, Saint Laurent, Moschino and Givenchy are just some of the designers that featured Punk-inspired fashion on the runway for Fall 2013.




Maybe not a trend to try at the office but definitely a fun trend to try for a night out or the weekend.  Have fun with this one!

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