Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Trend Report: There's Minimalism and There's Everything Goes...

Color-blocking for Spring 2011.
White for Spring 2011.
Bright Ikat prints for Spring 2011.
Minimalism continues to make a presence in the fashion scene, proving that over-the-top may have seen its day.  But fear not (if you like over-the-top,) the designers showed so much variety for Spring 2011 that you'll get your fill of fashion.  Expect to see lots of white (my favorite for Spring and Summer) lots of bright colors and 70's glam-inspired looks.  When it comes to color, bold, solid colors are hot.  It's all about color-blocking.  As far as prints go, there weren't too many florals as we normally expect for Spring, but there were a lot of Ikat and other bold, geometric patterns.  And then, there's fruit.  Fruit prints that is.  There's something for everyone and you can express your fashion personality in so many different ways this coming Spring.

In NY Fashion Week, the "less is more" theme can be seen from many designers.  There was markedly less accessories, but the statement necklace continues to make a presence.  There were long necklaces to be seen, which I am excited about (I need more of those for sure.)  My favorites were Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren.  At Ralph Lauren, the mood was romantic and Victorian with lots of textured whites.  Frank Acosta showed a very sleek collection for Calvin Klein, leading the way for Spring's minimalistic movement.  Alexander Wang brings it with lots of white and a muted color palette of silver, sky blue, and tan.

Paris Fashion Week showed a lot of different styles.  There was basically something for anyone who can afford those duds.  If you can't afford those fabulous Parisian fashions, well simply look to those designers for inspiration.  There was juxtaposition between masculine and feminine dressing going on in Paris.  On the more feminine camp were John Galliano, Channel and Louis Vuitton.  Balenciaga leads the pack of the edgy, masculine camp.  Rick Owens, Celine and Stella McCartney gives us clean, relaxed minimalist versions of a somewhat masculine look. 

Of all the fashion weeks, my favorite was the Milan Fashion Week.  I find a lot of inspiration from the Milan RTW runways.  There were a lot of bold colors and a lot of color-blocking, along with whites.    If you are in the mood for simple pops of color, look to Jil Sander for inspiration for a fun, color blocking look.  I love the look of a white topped dress that looks like a t-shirt with a bold, green, to-the-floor skirt.  Prada gives you lots of color-inspiration with modern, crayola colored stripes.  I love the banana earrings she wore at the end of the show.  Very Warhol!  If you are feeling electric, look to Armani's Spring '11 runway show.  You just might be inspired to wear a shocking cobalt blue number.  If you want to look crisp in white, well look to Dolce & Gabbana for ideas.  Somehow, D & G managed to make white look virginal and sexy.  How did they do that you say?  Well with white lace and and other peak-a-boo swaths of white fabric -- brilliant!

With all this anything goes inspiration, one thing is for sure:  I won't be bored this Spring.

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