Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cutest Jewelry Storage by UMBRA

Partridge Jewelry Tree by UMBRA
I just found the cutest storage for necklaces, bracelets and watches that I use on a regular basis. I like to store my jewelry and other accessories, but sometimes find it a nuisance digging them up when trying to quickly get dressed. This is a great solution for keeping my everyday jewelry handy. (Granted this post is a bit biased, since I work at The Container Store, and we carry many Umbra products.) Anyhoo, TCS just recently started carrying this model, and I quickly got one at the end of my shift.

-- that's what enticed me to get this in the first place. There's another model TCS carries by Umbra, but I was never really enticed by that other jewelry organizer. However, the birdies are irresistible! In fact, I don't have too many items that require it to be hung to be accessible, but I just had to have this. Can you blame me? Just look at it. It is ADORABLE !

If you want one too, it is available at The Container Store for $19.99 (not online yet as of 8/29/09), for $21.00 and I'm sure other retailers (but you'd have to look that up yourself.) Umbra calls it the "partridge jewelry tree."

TIP: Do not store silver jewelry on this hanging storage as it will tarnish
quicker. Store silver in
plastic baggies or tarnish-retardant storage to
prevent oxygen contact and keeping them
tarnish free.

This organization solution is best for gold, faux jewelry, beaded items,
watches, you get the
idea. Just not silver.

Tootles. Keep your accessories handy and organized =)

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