Thursday, August 27, 2009

Norma Kamali for Walmart

I ordered 3 items from from it's new line by Norma Kamali, and was extremely pleased. I got a pair of pencil jeans in navy blue, a boyfriend blazer in black, and a spotted jersey skirt (black and cream.)

The price points are incredible! Fifteen dollars for the jeans and skirt and $20. for the blazer. And that's regular price !!! Well, the downside is that jeans didn't fit, I have to return that one, but that's about it. I was surprised by the quality of it. No threads sticking out or any other irregularities or lack of quality that could be indicative of the price of $15 for jeans. The sizing just ran smaller than what I'm used to. I'm usually a size 16 in mass market brands such as The Gap and Target. I sure wish the jeans fit though, it would have been very slimming with it's narrow leg and navy blue color.

The blazer fit, although a tad snug in the arms, but nothing that losing a few pounds will fix, which I need to do anyway for my health! The quality is superb for $20. It looks better than some boyfriend blazers I've seen over the $88. pricepoint. It's lightweight and is perfect for a Fall season in Miami.

The spotted skirt was my favorite buy -- it fit me perfectly! I don't know how to call the waist-band, bit it didn't have zippers or buttons and it wasn't elastic either -- it just had a band of fabric. Anyhoo, I was very excited about the fit. It didn't constrict my size 16 waist, and the pencil shape gave me a narrower contour. The jersey is of good quality, and the print is to die for. I paired it with a black cowl-neck shirt and was ready to go to school and then work a couple of hours (retail.)

Ahh, I love quality finds for dirt-cheap prices...

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