Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Affordable Junior's Website:

I just put away my Summer outfits and replaced them with my Fall Jackets and outerwear.  Although I was not impressed with this Fall's trends and looks (not loving the very 70's vibe going on everywhere and the crazy busy navajo and ikat prints seen everywhere,) I still look forward to the layering opportunities that the cold weather will bring.  What I will wear that are this Fall's trends are pops of red and leopard prints.  I will mix it with my love of horizontal stripes.  I'll also give color-blocking a try.

As I perused the September issues of magazines, I came across a fluffy white jacket being sold on a Website called Urban 1972.  Sienna Miller was photographed wearing a similar white fluffy jacket by designer Isabel Marant.  The much less expensive version being sold on for $32.90 is already sold out.  BOOOOOOO, but I'm glad I have a similar one that I bought last Fall from .

Urban 1972 offers clothing and accessories for juniors (or adults like me who haven't quite grown up or foster a young spirit.)  Most of the items are under $100. and many are under $50.  Great for any fashion-forward individuals on a budget.  However, not everything on the site is fab.  You have to sift through the site to find items worth buying.  There are plenty of finds though.  Check out some of the items I've placed on my Wish list.

Love & Peace T-shirt ($9.99)

Laissez Faire Pants ($32.90)

Clocked In Watch ($12.50)

Music is Over the Rainbow T ($12.99)

Faux Fur Bolero Brown ($40.)

Nicky Leopard Leggings Blue ($22.)
Their sizes are S, M and L.  I couldn't find a size chart anywhere on the site;  I'm praying I fit into the L.  We'll see when I place an order and receive the shipment ...

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